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and they are expected to be okay. the truck driver cooperated with police and was not charged. >>> in oakland tonight the city is getting closer to high level help to fight violent crime. the first step was taken toward hiring a police consult at the present time with a -- consultant with a big time resume. alan wang is live with a marquis name in law enforcement. >> and some commission members are not sure they want this person on the job. some commission members is credited with reducing violent crime in new york city. but many people here say his methods are the same methods that caused a rift between the community and the police here to begin with. >> he is exactly what we do not need in the city of oakland. >> the protest against the hiring of high-profile police consultant started on the steps of city hall and worked its way into the public safety meeting. >> if you could move the individuals out. >> the zero tolerance police strategies have been highly controversial and the use of gang injunctions and curfews and anti-loitering laws have been rejected in oakland in the past. but oaknd la is fa
and dan? >> thank you, cabbed -- sandhya. >>> you heard about the oakland sideshow. >> one guy is burning rubber like he is going to catch his car on fire. >> you will hear more of the 9-1-1 calls to the chp and the tipster helping track down the drivers. >> and the chp is helping fight crime, but who is paying for it? >> and tonight from girls on hbo, adam driver is here and kim and kortney kardashian. one of these women is pregnant. is it my baby? find out tonight on "jimmy kimmle live." >> oh brother. "jimmy kimmle live" is right afte >>> investigators are narrowing in on a sideshow that took place in the middle of interstate 880. the stunt could have had deadly consequences. alan wang has the latest on the investigation and the 9-1-1 calls that came in during that incident. >> oh my gosh. >> the chp is getting an abundance of information leading to the drivers involved in this sideshow. it happened on saturday afternoon around 4:00 right in the middle of 880 in oakland. >> it is being shown on the internet and somebody posted it. i saw a comment saying they knew someone in the video.
a few hours can add up to millions in losses. >>> breaking news more violence in oakland. that's on top of 10 other shootings since friday. olympic oakland -- oakland city is about to make an announcement. >> five people were hit in a spray of bullets tonight. one neighbor heard a number of shots. >> i heard anything between six and 12 shots. i was in the house washing dishes. >> oakland police are trying to get a handle on four deadly shootings. from sky 7hd you can see officers where one of the victims was hit. in the wake of the violence, oakland's vice mayor called for a state of emergency in the city. newly elected city councilmember supports that call. >> that directive is being given to the administrator to work with our legal council to approach jerry brown. >> the city leaders wrapped up a conference call to coordinate what they say is a major announcement tomorrow. a spokesperson says the public deserves a strong and fast reaction to the violence on friday. that conference call wrapped up and shots were fired in this neighborhood. as police collected clues from the latest shoo
.san jose, abc 7 news. >>> more to bring you tonight. city of oakland dealing with highest homicide rate if more than 5 years. >> able 20. >>reporter: neighbors remember those lost to violence and vow to make a difference. we have that story ahead. >> plus big hall after pot will you get in santa clara county where investigators found a lieutenant more than marijuana. >> getting readytor the tournament of roses parade. sneak peek that the year pretty sneak peek that the year pretty remarkable floats. >> each year catholic church in oakland they hold a ceremony to remember the people killed in that city. this year has been especially devastating. sergio has the story. >>reporter: dozens of white crosses on the front lawn of this church are a sobering reminder of the level of violence in oakland of 2012. each cross has a number and name written on it. >> yes. he was shot october 28 and he was on his way home from his grandmother's house. >>reporter: her son name among the 131 names wrn on these crosses. not since 2006 has the homicide rate in the city been so high. >> jordan age 20
. at the cathedral of christ the flight oakland parishioners took commune on from the same chalice at the height of flu season. the diocese of oakland and san francisco say priest have the option of not giving commune i don't know to stop the spread of the flu. >> at the beginning of mass he said it was okay if we decided abstain from taking the wine at mass. it wasn't a sin. wasn't anything to worry about. >>reporter: cdc say 47 states are experiencing wide spread flu activity. but california is one of the least active states. still the level of awareness is on the rise here. >> for my job and so i was hand sanitizing all day long. >>reporter: fremont people rushed to get flu shots at washington hospital where clinic held today and tomorrow to meet demand. >> in fact i was just at walgreen's other day and big lane for that because the news just lick you guys doing right now scared everybody into getting it. >>reporter: shortage of flu shot spotty around the bay are area. wall gleans milpitas is temporarily out of the flu vaccine while it waits for new order. >> impact hasn't been human
on interstate 980 in oakland. a pedestrian was hit and killed near the 17th street on-ramp to westbound 980. according to the bay area news group, the man was elderly and hit by three cars. the first two left the scene and the third driver waited for police. there is no word on why the pedestrian was on the on-ramp. >>> a san jose woman known for selling candy and soda out of her home was found killed. she was found shot and police are not sure what lead to the shooting. they believe that the woman was targeted. neighbors say she was a positive presence in the area. >> my niece used to go there and buy candy, soda. she was nice, kind. she cares about people. she was the candy lady. >> investigators spent some time this evening going through her car. they pulled out a bach packed with -- a box packed with cartonses of cigarettes. we found a business license registered to the victim that allows her to sell cigarettes. >>> in san jose police are trying to find the man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. tried and thankfully did not succeed. alan wang is live at police headquarters with the
go flying over the divider. john is live at chp headquarters in oakland with the details and the video. john even the cops say they haven't seen anything like this. >>reporter: this was something else. chp would love to get their hands on the drivers and they have a lot of video evidence of what happened right in the middle of the freeway. tonight we spoke to woman who had a front row seat. doesn't get more bold than this. saturday afternoon about half dozen drivers took over 8 80 north near the oakland coliseum doing do nut and burning rub interwhat is called a side show. a lot of drivers caught up in the traffic jam not impressed. >> my friend and i were saying look at the idiots. they are stupid. they are going to get hurt. toward the end of the video i really got scared. i was contain of screaming. my god i this the it was going to hit the wall this. >>reporter: woman a passenger in a car heading south bound on 8 80 didn't want to be identified. it lasted few short minutes before somebody yelled at the police were on their way. people on both side of the f
>>> right now a contentious meeting is underway at oakland city hall and a man at the center of the debate, a high profile law man the city wants to hire to help fight crime. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. cop in los angeles and new now they are deciding whether they should hire him as a police consultant. alan wang is now live. he is certainly continue controversial. >> yes, the council addressing this an hour ago. but they had 150 speakers and they are prepared to go until 2:00 a.m. the council will be voting on whether or not to hire an over all -- an over all police consulting team that includes william bratten. about 20 police officers were called in to deal with a large group of people who do not want the city to hire high-profile police consultant. his zero tolerance police strategies have been controversial in other cities where he has worked. they say it gives officers too much discretion and leads to racial profiling and harassment. one man said his recent experience is typical. >> a police officer told me why am i sitting on my neighbor's stairs? i said be
. >>> now to a developing story out of oakland. the police officer shot, he is the second officer wounded this week in the line of duty. the officer hit tonight was shot in the leg in the fruit valley district. an undercover officer was shot a mile uh hua. alan wang is live in oakland with more on this developing story. alan? >> reporter: this started out as a two-car collision, but a witness says a driver who ran a stop sign took off down the street here and that's where police got involved in a gunbattle. >> police say the camero ran a stop sign and was broadsided near east 12th street and 47th avenue. witnesses say the driver of the camero didn't have any id and he was behaving erratically. he tried and failed to open the door of the passing car and left the scene on foot. >> the officery heard several gunshots. >> the two officers left the crash scene and headed toward the gunshots. they were confronted by a gunman who shot one officer in the leg and then ran away. police caught up with him two blocks away. >> one officer fired his weapon at the suspect. they did not hit him. the susp
. >>reporter: freezing temperature created rare black ice in the oakland berkeley hills causing spend out and nearly a dozen crashes this morning. highway patrol says no serious injuries reported. he highway patrol says during the cold snap keep an eye on wet patches in the road they could be frozen solid. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> major admission by cyclist lance armstrong after years of denial he reportedly confessed to doping to oprah winfrey. what happens next. can his image ever be rebuilt. sports director larry biel more with this. >> if it can it will take year years. he denied using performance enhances drug and attacked the credibility of anybody who dead to question him apwt about it. today the abrupt reviersal admitting he did in fact cheat. he won the tour de france 7 times. title all taken away because of an investigation by the u.s. anti-dopeing agency that quoted many of lance former team mates who said they all helped him cheat. lance finally came clean to return to racing is the guess it's on bike or avid runner as well. crisis p.r. manager singer say
on sunday and. police found dexter oliver at an oakland hotel after receiving a tip. he has been booked on attempted murder and arson charges in san francisco. lamar has severe burns to her face but is expected to survive. >>> good evening, i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm in for dan ashley. >>> an investigate is underway why a taverner ship crashed into the bay bridge. right now the ship is moored in the bay. and unlike the cosco busan which hit the bridge no, oil spoiled today. we're on treasure island with more. reporter: tourists coming to treasure island tonight are snapping pictures of san francisco and also snapping pictures of this, the over overa's raymar, it's all lit up as investigators try to find out why it happen. environmentalist believe no royal was spilled. >> we are looking at this as a close call and to learn lessons from. >> deb, on a tour of the bay, took these pictures and knows an oil spill disaster was averted. >> this time of year the currents are moving really fast and a lot of damage can happen as soon as oil is on the water. >> sky 7hd was over the 751-foot oil ta
of shooting an oakland police officer. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn i don't know son. want to take you right to the scene. sky 7 hd of head where police are out in full force tonight. we are told the wounded officer was working undercover when he was shot. he is expected to survive. >> shooting happened around 6:30 on the 1700 block of seminary avenue near international boulevard. >> 7 news is live in the neighborhood with the latest on the man hunt there allen? >>reporter: this is all happening just down the street from me. we still have choppers in the air and we are being told this was as you mentioned an undercover officer who was shot while investigating another shooting that happened yesterday. rate now police say they have one man detaped and still lacking for 2 others believed to be armed and dangerous in the neighborhood. just east of the coliseum. swat members along with police officers and canin canines have closed down several streets as they conduct a yard to yard search for these 2 armed men. all went down around 6:30 this evening when the under con of
. damion lillard, the pride of oakland [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! warriors built a big lead and then they had to find a way to put out the fire. damion lillard who grew up in oakland went off. 24 kid put on a show. lillard with his own cheering section and filled with family and friends at oracle. warriors took them right after lillard with the seventh pick. 22 points and 12 assists and barnes here in traffic with authority. had 13 points. warriors up 15. but here comes damion lillard. he got hot. he was smoldering. he was sizzling with 10 straight shots made by lillard. a career best 37. nice homecoming. the final minute and it is suddenly down to a four-point lead. the warriors hold off the blazers and snap a two-game skid 103-97. the 49ers host the packers in the playoffs. 9er quarterback kaepernick rooting for the packers and aaron rogers cheered for the niners. he wanted to be the nex
's a look at current readings. in the 30s in the north bay. 36 in fairfield. 51 in san francisco. oakland, 44. 37 in livermore. 45 in san jose. >> we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. >> ama: still to come at 11:00, fleury -- flurry of activities as the president gets sworn in for a second term. >>> plus, people run for their lives during a shooting at a gun show, and it wasn't the only one today. >> later, bloody end to the hostage standoff in algeria. what >> ama: it is inaugural weekend at the nation's capitol. tonight michelle obama and her children rocked out at the kids' inaugural concert. the president will take the official oath of office tomorrow and festivities continue through monday. here's a preview. reporter: hundreds of thousands have packed the national mall on monday, eager to witness in person the second inauguration of president obama. but they're not quite partying like it's 2009. four years ago, record 1.8 million people gathered to see the swearing in of the first african-american president this year officials estimate 600,000 to 800,000 will be on hand. more
so happy tonight? took place in oakland give awa away. then later on jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy is not hosting tonight i am. right jim? watch me in all star parade of a.list guest this loser could never hope to attract. going to be a great show right jim? right? [applause]. >> that's matt damon of course. jimmy starts right after this jimmy starts right after this newscast at 11 >> benefit concert for the giants fan nearly boaten to death at dodgers game drew hundreds of supporters tonight. players and coaches rallied around brian stowe and tonight another example of giant effort to help out. amma has the story from redwood city. >>reporter: giants third base coach tim flannery and band held a benefit concert for brian stowe inside redwood city fox theater. he's the fan badly beaten outside dodger stadium on opening day in 2011. >> his mom wrote me a letter. that's why i'm here tonight. wonderful family. great famil family. >>reporter: flannery began fundraising year ago and raised 70,000 dollars. but that's just a fraction of his medical cost. >> the money i tell people
to sacramento for an autopsy. memorial services are still pending. >> oakland police are investigating a shooting that left two people wounded. neighbors reported hearing gunshots. a neighbor told us that a local cable technician ran to her for cover right after the shots were fired. >> comcast was here and he said, he was shot at and could he come in. he came in and jumped on the floors. >> your kids. >> already an the floor. >> a short time later the police responded to a car crash less than a mile away. investigators believe that's where the victims crashed their vehicle after being shotful. the two male occupantses were able to take themselves to the hospital. >> new develops in another tragedy to strike the town of aurora, colorado. four people were killed during a hostage standoff. they're all believed to be members of the same family. s.w.a.t. teams were called to a townhome after a woman called nine 9-1-1 to report a shooting. he woman escaped from the house. the neighbors sale the woman's husband fired at officers when they responded. he what later found dead. six months ago 1
. boy, it is getting cold, and oakland is checking in at tort 3 and 38 in livermore and 41 right now in los gat toes. we will keep it cold. frost is likely in the north bay. continued mild for your monday afternoon. your holiday tomorrow, and we will start to see some changes as we head to midweek and bring in a chance of isolated showers. all right. here are your lows. much of the bay area, the interior north and east bay locations slipping a little below the freezing mark. so that is why we will see the frost there. a little more moderate toward oakland and down the peninsula with temperatures in the mid to low 40s. the high pressure brought us a delightful weekend. it kept the storm track to the north of us. it will do it again for monday and tuesday. as we get into wednesday, all of this will push toward the east and break down. we have this little stationary front here. this is what will move in our direction. we will look for increasing clouds by tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. leading to a chance of scattered showers from the system as it kind of moves uh -- across the ba
jose. pal palt peninsula. 36 oakland 38 and 42 degrees in san francisco. but far cry from the 26 degree readings whether he this morning so here's a lack at the cold front that has pretty much fizzled and we got few high cloud out of it earlier today that filtered the sun. next system not expected to fizzle so rain lakely this weekend as early as saturday afternoon. morning plans are fine. you see the timing of it all. 11:00 a.m. clouds. 1:00 o'clock the rain line begins to coast moves into the north bay and then wide spread late rainfall possibly moderate 6:00 p.m. saturday evening. showers will follow and as we head into sunday another we have of moisture comes in. starting at 10:00 a.m. it's approaching that the north bay and then starts to spread 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. if he saiding on the plans take place could be on the wet side. one last push of enjoying the snow before heading back to work or going back to school lick tahoe freezing fog in the morning, cold here 1 degree tomorrow morning. 44 tomorrow afternoo afternoon. windy partly cloudy gusty winds
at 55 at oakland, fremont, union city and castro valley. the inland east bay will be cooler than that with highs in the low to mid50s. 53 at concord and danville and dublin and pleasanton. the mildest weather around the region. upper 50s to almost 60. look for highs of 58 in hollister, 59 in salinas. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny and dry days. clouds will increase a bit over the weekend. there is a slight chance of showers on sunday, but not a very great one, and then we have sunny and dry conditions on monday and tuesday. notice it gets milder as we get closer to the weekend. high temperatures near 60 degrees friday through tuesday. >> thank you so much. ?ai all right, well, coming up next. >> sports. >> that's right. good because you are sitting right here. >> i just wander in occasionally. we joked with stanford coach david shaw from the so-called bullies from biology class. they used their brute force to capture their first rose bowl in four decades. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine min
should be. san francisco 139. 36% of average. we were way behind. oakland 136 and san jose 137% of normal. even the snowpack is doing great. of course just because it was a wet ending to 2012 it does not mean january may not be a dry year. in the last 20 years i have been doing the weather we have seen some very dry januaries. we are cautiously optimistic. milder the next few days and we are looking at a slight chance of showers. it is looking like a better possibility saturday night into early sunday now than it did earlier. tonight is a spare the air night until midnight. it is going to get cold. antioch down to 28 degrees. livermore 29 in concord and 27 napa and fairfield. santa rosa 28 degrees. just julie tweets she had to use her ice scraper to get the ice off the windshield of her car. 33 degrees in santa cruz. if you look at the radar, we have a front that is coming to the bay area. high pressure remains strong, so what is going to happen is this cold front as it works its way closer to the bay area will fall apart. all we will see out of it are some high clouds. plenty of sunshine
the suspect used this alligator to deter would be pot thieves. mr. teeth is now at the oakland zoo. >> can you imagine a thief walking in on that. >>> it is one of the worst flu seasons in years. infections in the bay area have been mild. but way should expect a change. to keep the flu in check here, doctors are urging people to get vaccinated. target started offering free vaccinations at its pharmacies to kids four years of age to 18 years old. flu season in northern california is worse in january and february and doctors say act now to get protected. >> it usually takes a couple of weeks for your immune system to be responding to that vaccination and building up the antibody levels in a way that is enough to protect against influenza. the sooner the better. >> besides the flu vaccine doctors say washing your hands frequently and covering a cough or sneeze can fight the flu bug and keep it from spreading. >>> new safety concerns tonight over boeing's dreamliner 787 just days before its bay area launch. why people are questioning whether this aircraft is safe to fly? >> and the new machine tha
the east bay look for highs of 60 at berkeley and 62 at oakland and 61 at fremont. it is a little cooler, but milder than today. highs in the upper 50s. 58 at dublin and walnut creek. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. by friday we will see inland highs in the low 60s and also low 60s on the coast and mid60s around the bay. that pattern will hold through sunday, and then we will get gradually cooler weather monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have a string of lovely days coming our way. as the daytime weather gets warmer, the nighttime will become less cold. >> thank you, spencer. >> we'll take it. >>> time now for sports. >> larry beil is here now and warriors in town. >> sellout crowd. did not get to see what they wanted though. unless you are a lebron james fan. champs come to citadel. lebron james o >>> good evening. the defending champions from miami came to town. the warriors without curry who eke tweaked his ankle at practice. it is not serious. it was a record-setting night for lebron james. the warriors missed him badly. he started the game off nicely and corner of three. a
a little milder than where you should be. 606 in oakland and hercules and san leandro. inland communities, you will start out cold, buttoned up mild. nice recovery. walnut creek livermore 64 around the monterey bay. 70 in santa cruz, 68 in morgan hill. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast, mild pattern through the weekend, but just remember the long-period swells are packing a lot of energy. they are powerful. watch out, stay away from the coast and don't get too close. a little cooler early next week and then by wednesday we are bringing in a chance of rain. the computer models are ramping up the possibility. a slight chance of rain on friday. of course by then it is a reality check, carolyn and dan. cooler weather coming back. >> what a nice looking weekend. >>> larry beil is off and colin rush is here. >> we are following the breaking 49er story. >> you hope it is not a massive distraction that takes away from the game on sunday. this isn't the news the 49ers wanted to be making less than 37 hours from kickoff of the nfc championship game. star wide receiver michael c
valleys. tomorrow afternoon, 67 in santa rosa and napa and sunshine and oakland 67 degrees. 65 in san francisco. these temperatures are milder than where you should be this time of yearment 67 in -- this time of year. mid60s livermore and san jose and fairfield. it is going to be bright, blue, sunny, 70 degrees for january 31st in santa cruz. 72 in salinas. not too many places where you can enjoy this kind of weather. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. mild and spring-like through the weekend. groundhog day will be a little cooler and then bouncing back up for super bowl sunday when many are watching the game. chance of rain on wednesday and does president look that promising. doesn't look that promising. >> thank you very much. >>> let's return to new orleans and the super bowl. >> that's where larry beil is live once again for us to neat of larry? >> it is 70 degrees and we are like popsicles out here of the the 49ers had to go inside today because of the weather. i'll tell you about that. and is colin kaepernick ready to take the stage? is he ready to take the grand stag
touches the surface and starts to freeze there. 46 in san francisco tonight. 43 in oakland. 43 as well in san jose. our area of low pressure just moved out of dodge and headed into southern california earlier this morning. we actually started to see some clearing. for monday and tuesday, high pressure builds in. it is going to keep the storm track to the north of us. so we will look for warmer conditions and plenty of sunshine as we head into wednesday and thursday though the high will kick out of here, and it will allow a colder air mass to settle in. that is what will drop temperatures and bring us a chance of showers. this is your monday commute. 5:00 a.m. you will notice mainly clear conditions. although it is not picking up some of the pockets of fog. it will be out there. 8:00 a.m., you will see a little high clouds starting to drift into the north bay. and then by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tomorrow afternoon we will look for plenty of sunshine and i say bring it on. it is also going to translate to some warmer temperatures. how about some 60s? 60 for santa rosa tomorrow as well as nap
in the north bay. napa, 27. 38, san francisco, 33, oakland, and look for mid-to upper 20s readings out towards the east bay. san jose, you'll dip one below freezing at 31. folks, you can see she cold air pushing south, and that's exactly what we're going to have to deal with. as high pressure builds in, another surge of cold air will sink over the bay area tonight, and tomorrow, and as we get into monday and tuesday, all of this is going to shift towards the east which means the cold weather pushes east, high pressure builds in, and we should start to have moderating temperatures into he upper 50s to 60s, a couple more days and we'll warm up a bit. here's the highs for sunday. nice sunshine. it will be cool to cold. santa rosa, 50. antioch, 48. 49 in livermore. 51, san jose. santa cruz, 52. 5 for watsonville, and 51, gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast, string of cold morning tomorrow and monday. and then after that, moderating temperatures, back up into the 60s as we head into wednesday. overnight temperatures in the 40s, and then a few more clouds and valley fog on thursday. by the wa
of the collision. >> a chp officer is recovering from mine you're injuries after an accident in downtown oakland. investigators say the officer was responding to an emergency call when he lost control of his cruiser and slammed into a pole on broadway. the officer was thrown to the sidewalk but the chp says he is going to be just fine. >>> tonight, fire officials in fairfield tell us a blaze that gutted a comedy club may be electrical in origin. last night's fire destroyed the interior and the roof of the original pepper valley's cold and variety theater. fire inspectors can't go inside yet because of structural issues. those issues are also keeping neighboring businesses closed tonight. >> a metal siding up top is blowing in the wind and those were damaged in the fire. the supports were damaged in the fire. so we're trying to get those shored up so they don't leave the building and hurt somebody. >> sky 7hd was over the fire as it burned. more than 100 fire personnel were called in to fight the five alarm fire. >>> let's head to leigh glaser for the check on weather and what is happening outsid
, and santa rosa. 45 for san francisco and 41 for oakland overnight. and the highs for your monday, still brisk, but going with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. oakland will warm to 60 degrees tomorrow. 56 for san francisco. still running below normal. 58 degrees expected there and livermore 55 and even santa cruz is well below where you should be. 58 tomorrow and on the breezy side near the water's edge. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. a sunny day on tuesday. warmer, but the focus will be wednesday, thursday and friday. the warming trend begins on friday. temperatures across the bay area are upper 60s to low 70s. groundhog day is saturday, question mark, question mark. and the really big game on sunday is super bowl. mike nico will be here with another look at the forecast. >>> shu is here with sports. we are talking super bowl, and i will be honest i president can't picture wayne freedman on bourbon street. >> that's a visual you don't want to look at. the 49ers have landed in new orleans and held their first press connence from. press connence from.
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